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Thread: Question about Fender amp foot switch

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    Question about Fender amp foot switch

    Greetings all,

    I have this foot switch
    P/N 0050419000

    supposedly for Hot Rod Deluxe, and maybe some others.

    It's not functioning properly. The red LED is dim, but still switches channels,
    and the white one (bi-color ) doesn't seem to be coming on at all and doesn't switch for drive.

    I saw a stray comment somewhere that if the LED fails, the switch (drive/more drive) circuit will fail to function also.
    Seems to fit with this situation anyway. Can anyone confirm this to be the case?

    Also does anyone know where I could find the LED's compatible with this one to replace ?
    I found a square red one on a Fender amp parts site, but not the "bi-color" or white one.

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    Re: Question about Fender amp foot switch

    they sell a different part number but same function pedal at Sweetwater for 32 dollars, might be easier than trying to find that specific LED. It's just a foot pedal so it should work.

    *yikes - if that link doesn't work (it was 8 lines long), I just put the part number OP gave and did a google search and clicked on the sweetwater ad.
    "Live and learn and flip the burns"

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    Re: Question about Fender amp foot switch

    Hi Folks;
    I'm new here (first post) but I have a couple of Fender amps in my shop for repair. First issue is with a Stage 112se. The foot switch with this amp is as pictured above; CHANNEL SELECT and DRIVE/MORE DRIVE.

    The schematic I found online is difficult to read but it indicates a pedal with CHANNEL SELECT and REVERB.
    Do I have the wrong Foot switch.....and would anyone have a better schematic for the 112se ?
    Thanks, Peter in Canada

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