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Thread: TUTORIAL: How To Post Photos on TFF

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    TUTORIAL: How To Post Photos on TFF

    We like to see your guitars! And your amps, pedals, basses, ukuleles, cables, and pretty much anything else! So, here's how to add a photo to that opus magnum.

    First, note that photo uploads are NOT allowed. You will need to upload your images to a hosting site first, and then provide a link to it here. Image hosting sites come and go, but one that works well and is free is You don't even need to create an account! But if you do, you can go back to your photos any time.

    The next step is to copy the link -- you know, the stuff that begins with http or https and ends with (usually) .JPG. Then, on TFF, you can select the "insert image" button from the editing menu, or simply add the tags
    and paste your link between them. Voilà! Your finished code should look something like this:
    (Note: I munged the end tag of IMG otherwise it wouldn't show up even in the code block!)

    When you submit your post, your image will appear. This is the image in the above code:

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    Posting Pics: How The Command Should Look

    I took a screenshot of the format when posting photos. Maybe this will help?

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