I'm going to blame this post on @Hoodster.

He posted some really nice instructional videos, which sent me off on a new path. (I also think this lockdown we're going through is also to blame. But in a good way!).

So, after several weeks, I've added a lot of new songs to my "repertoire," which makes me feel happy and even somewhat accomplished. I may be the only "bedroom guitarist" on the site, but that's okay, because it gives me pleasure and keeps me out of trouble -- except for buying more gear than I need -- which is as good a reason as any. Maybe the best reason, in fact.

Combine that with the Clapton kick I've been on, and some things have begun to gel. All of a sudden, "Key to the Highway" became an earworm, so I decided to add it to my "repertoire" (I use quotation marks because I think that's too fancy a word for "songs that I play").

Never having been a good fingerpicker -- hell, if you saw me play you'd think, "That guy doesn't know the first thing about picking!" It's true. In fact, I don't use a pick, but my right hand is a mishmash of strumming, picking, pulling, hammering and what-have-you. Hey, if Jeff Beck can do it, why can't I?

But I digress. I've put myself to learning an acoustic rendition. I saw a video of Clapton playing it (and nearly decided to give up the quest), but then, like most numbers I play, decided I was just going to play it my way, not Clapton's. But I love the tone, I love the changes, and I love the turnarounds.

So that's what my post is about. Most specifically, but not exclusively: Where does one go to learn acoustic blues licks, and turnarounds. I've already been spending more time on YouTube than I thought possible, but some instructors are just not my speed. There's a guy named Joe Murphy (a Scotsman, I think) who does acoustic lessons, but he bounces all over the place and his lesson plan is non-existent from what I can tell. I know you guys have it all down cold, but for someone like me, who has been a lifelong "student," where can I get a good handle on this stuff?