Hey Guys,

Got my 66 Bassman all fixed up, AB165, normal channel is decent, breakup is nice, but I've heard about an AB165 "Allen Mod" for both the Bass channel (becomes JTM45 like) and the Normal channel goes AA864 like. Heard some on Youtube and love it. I think the amp would be great with some minor tweeks.

Feel free to save your "that 66 Bassman will be collectable someday" response. It will not. That's why they sell for sub-1000 all day. I had a 59 Bassman, and this 66 is nowhere near the tone machine that was. The 66 Bassman is much more a rock amp though, which is why I like it. But want a better Bass Channel (it is garbage), and wouldn't mind sprucing up the Normal Channel.

I hear a lot of people talk about this mod, but can't seem to find a reliable Wiring Schematic to take to my Amp Tech. I'm in LA area if anyone can refer a tech too. Thanks in advance!