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EJ is such a pain in the ass tone guy I'm wondering why this guitar with this type of wood? You know, does it really have the goods? I have a sassafras tree in my back yard and it's a really crooked and kinked up tree. How did they find enough straight wood to put the bodies together?
the real Virginia stratocaster is sassafras

this is a really specific guitar though; it seems tailor made to fit in the typical EJ setup; an exceptionally bright clean tone (2x twins with JBLs, tc scf chorus) and an exceptionally dark drive tone (69 superlead but with all the treble rolled off AND an ep-3 taking some more top-end off). I think the original will be a MUCH better guitar for most people.

Id consider a team built because it is a specialist instrument. my guess is they will make it for 1 year and then make a Gilmour strat or something or whore out the Monterey strat again (which would be go around number 3, though apparently the MIM one they made in 2017 is quite excellent)

but then Eric is tied for number 1 all time for me and I don't mind owning a guitar like this just to have it. unfortunately they aren't making one at the level I'd buy it at. again for 9k I'd expect Ron Thorn to have made it himself and even then that'd be pretty outrageous. I think the only time Gibson's CC line got up that high was the JD Simo 335 (if you want to sell yours please pm me lol) and they didnt make Nashville 335s at the time. Even the Nicky and Sandy reissues were down in the 7k region and let's be real here it's a lot harder to find properly good les paul sized mahogany blanks than it is to find an acceptable sassafras, swamp ash or alder body blank.