You have to remember that playing live is like making Kraft Macaroni and Cheeze. Yes, I could use artisan aged cheddar, organic homemade pasta and bake it. Then it would be "better" since all the best ingredients are there and it was cooked artfully. But in the end I really wanted Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

99.9% of the time, the audience wants Kraft Macaroni and Cheeze. If they didn't they'd be at the jazz club. You have to give the audience what they want.

And another hint, when you write lyrics, don't make them deeply introspective and personal. Nobody cares. Make sure you hit on universal aspects of being a human. Things that anybody can relate too.

You'll find that even playing originals get tedious after awhile, since they will be your arrangements and you'll want them just the way you ant them.

The main thing is enjoy the moment with the audience and your bandmates.

All IMHO, Chuck