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Thread: Now, this was unbeliavable...

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    Now, this was unbeliavable...

    but I swear I'm telling the truth.

    I came home late after a tough day at the office and on my way home I stopped by a Mc Donald's drive thru to get a couple of sandwiches for dinner, planning to send them down with a couple of Buds.

    Well, I ordered two McChickens (I don't usually eat fries or any other side dish, so I needed two sandwiches), I was in the mood for some chicken. They came in the regular brown paper bag. Paid, grabbed it and off I went.

    As I arrived home, I drank a Bud and browsed the web for vintage burger ads (I do that). And found this juicy Quarter Pounder with Cheese ad from 1979:

    Well, the Quarter Pounder has always been a favorite of yours truly, and on I went, reading about it as I chewed the first McChicken, already regretting having ordered two of those, instead of a juicy, pickly, cheddary and ketchuppy QPer.

    I even found an ad by Gino's where the chick says something about a Quarter Pound, I didn't even know that other burger chains had burgers called that.

    Now, as I reached for the second McChicken in the bag, cursing myself to death-and-hell for not having ordered the God Damned Quarter Pounder... Guess what? They had mistakenly given me a Quarter Pounder instead of the second McChicken.

    I don't know if that was a blessing, a casual occurence or whatever, man, That was GOOD.
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