Yeah, I'm misleading you. I have LP Jr., Epiphone I got 4 or 5 years ago new for $64. Good solid humbucker guitar. I want to put a HB sized P-90 in it and I've found plenty. I've also found plenty of wiring diagrams indicating anything from using a 500k volume and a 250k tone pot, two 300k pots, and two 500k pots to get a authentic P-90 sound. Old school Gibson people indicate the 500k/250k is the way to go. They also say stay the hell away from two 300k version as it just doesn't get the job done. The 500k people indicate you will get more high end but if you don't like it you can dial out that high end and that I understand.

The guitar itself is in perfect condition, so I'm not going to hack it up to put in a standard P-90. In fact I have a Agile LP with P-90's that I like. I'm just curious if someone of more P90 use and experience can guide me towards one of the HB sized P90 pickups that can do the job.

Thank you,