Hey there, I've been out of town for a few days watching the grand kids and just got back. It was made in 2005, it's a semi hollow with the block down the middle with a bolt on maple neck (OE-30SH). A number of people, on another forum I go to, were getting them and reported a wide variety of quality levels but, for $99 new, I gave it shot. I guess I got one from a good manufacturing day. It didn't have fret issues, or issues taking a setup. Complaints were that the pickups are to hot and access to the lower frets is more difficult. Currently, I have chrome/flat-wound D'addario, 10-46 strings on it, which I think sound pretty good. You can still get new ones from Amazon from $200 to $300. It's not a Epiphone Sheraton or Gibson 335 but I enjoy it a lot for 99 dollars.