In my part of the country, "New Mexico" music is big, you probably don't hear much in other areas. The bass player is expected to carry the beat, lay the foundation, and even add harmonies to the melodies.
Back in the day, my buddy had put a country act together, and made a few bookings when his bassist broke his arm. He was desperate, even wanting me to cover for the first gig. I introduced him to Armando, a great player from Mexico who was working in a local band. We went to AZ on Saturday to hear them, and they sounded good. Armando came over on break, and we talked, (his english wasn't very good then). He said "Stormy tells me, play it straight man, play it straight, but you know what, it's HARD to play it straight!"
Here's the "Godfather" and his brother doing one of his signature songs, La Puerta Negra