I was in GC the other day, brought one of my guitars to try out that Marshall SV20C combo that caught my eye/ear back in July. Somebody had said something about the volume controls being interactive even when not jumpering and I had to see for myself. As far as I could tell nothing was happening without a jumper cable. But I got to play with the amp for a while with my guitar and while it was nice, it wasn't 1499 dollars nice. As I unplugged and turned around, the 68 Custom Princeton Reverb caught my eye.

I played that for a while and realized that I had a void in my sound that really only a Fender would fill. I basically grew up playing a Princeton Reverb, having had mine for 32 years before I sold it. It was also 700 cheaper than the Marshall. I thought about it and walked around a little. Then I saw the FSR Princeton Reverb '65 fifteen watt 12" in wine red. Still 500 less than the Marshall plus a 12 inch speaker, something the other two amps didn't have.

Plugged my guitar in and it was obvious immediately. This is what I was looking for. Killer reverb and vibrato (trem). Classic fender sound I know and love. I also know that Sweetwater has these and a better payment plan, which expired at midnight last night. Not only did they have the FSR Princeton Reverb but they had it in tweed cosmetic. It looks like I'll be doing a NAD in about 2 weeks.

It is likely I'll be letting the Princeton NR go to make room and help pay for this. It was always my plan to swap out the 10" baffle for a 12" one anyway. Now I'll have that and reverb and trem too.