Just a weird combo of feel and sounds could hit you at the right time.

I have always been more Gibsonish than Fenderish, however I have always loved both Strats and Teles.

I bought this one I have shown before that hits me just right when I feel the need for a set neck and smaller body but need the Fender single coil sounds.

Yeah, it's ugly. But it grows on you.

Yeah, it don't sound exactly like either, but is is one of the best sounding guitars I have had the pleasure of playing.

It has a set neck, lpish carved top, Fender scale, Fender shaped back, the most beautiful shaped soft v neck, whammy bar.

It is ALWAYS in tune.

I think it is the best, most original beast Collings makes.

And at 7 pounds 9 ounces it don't kill me.

Not easy to find though...several used on Reverb...