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Thread: Super Champ X2 - Ragin Cajun or G10 Celestion?

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    Super Champ X2 - Ragin Cajun or G10 Celestion?

    the Ragin Cajun comes in a lacquered tweed cab and the G10 in a wine red tolex cab and wheat blonde grill. Both are very handsome so it's really down to the speakers

    the Ragin Cajun is a 75 watt (by Eminence, I think) and the G10 is a 30 watt Celestion. I had a original greenback G10 a thousand years ago in my Princeton Reverb where it resided for a long time until it was supplanted by a Weber Michigan 10 (JBL clone with aluminum dust cap). The current G10 doesn't seem to be getting much love at TGP but I'll take that with a grain of salt.

    I'm not going to be able to try them before I buy them. I'm going to try the regular version at GC soon, and check out the voicings (16 of them) and the effects.

    Your thoughts?
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    Re: Super Champ X2 - Ragin Cajun or G10 Celestion?

    Comes down to what you like...

    American: loose/soft bass response, aggressive mids that extend and bright clear highs

    British : Firm bass response, dominate but relaxed mids, and silky highs.

    Companies make darker or brighter varaitions of both.

    If i'm not mistaken the Rajin Cagin is on the Darker side of the American spectrum
    G10 is on the brighter side of the British...

    I'm 53 and at the tail end of my working muscian carrer. My belief is there is no such thing as the PERFECT SPEAKER. See people getting Suckered on those Gear sites, believing the cork sniffers, they go speaker hunting, end result is multiple speakers sitting on a shelf doing nothing cause they can't sell them for what they bought them for.

    Be careful not to fall into that trap. The only Perfect speaker I know is the one I fully undersatnd how it works in conjuction with my amp.

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    Re: Super Champ X2 - Ragin Cajun or G10 Celestion?

    I found that the dirty sounds fell a little flat with that amp. Maybe the Celestion speaker would've helped.

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