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Thread: Nelson guitars (strat)?

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    Nelson guitars (strat)?

    Hi Guys,
    Just read an article about some of the live gear Joe and Brad uses on the vegas show, and mentioned is a Nelson admiralcaster.
    Its shown in picture "1 and other pics as well in this article, in the article I think it's also a Nelson shown in white with a black bull sticker on it. But does anyone know more about what this is?
    I've tried to google but couldn't find anything at all about this brand.
    Hope anyone can help as I'm really curious about what this is, specs, PU's, wood, etc?

    Best Regards.


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    Re: Nelson guitars (strat)?

    Hello, man. Welcome back to the fórum.

    IIRC there's a couple of articles about those at Guitar Player Mag.

    I'll try to find something and share here.

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