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Thread: buzz?

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    Just outta curiosity, do your guitars have any level of fret buzz?

    I mean, when properly set up, do they buzz acoustically, even though the amp doesn't show it?

    My guitars are often set up by techs and my strats do buzz unplugged (and it's no issue to me, electric guitars are meant to be played plugged in). My Rickenbacker doesn't, or at least not so much.

    I use light gauge strings, that may contribute.

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    Re: buzz?

    Had an old 62 Strat, not a RI like the kids got now..... Anyway, it buzzed like a wad of bees un plugged, but plugged in? Fine 'n Dandy. Same with a 68 335. Unplugged it hummed and buzzed. Stick it in an amp.... Hot damn! Perfect.

    Sérgio, don't sweat it. You're good to go. Remember this from your old Texas luthier, "It's how it sounds downrange to the audience that counts". "Unplugged don't mean ca .ca!"
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    Re: buzz?

    Well put Wade--

    I have some that buzz -- some that dont none buzz A LOT-- but a couple especially on the low E and A when REALLY wailing on em or digging in sure they ALL DO --

    "Downrange" ---- LOVE IT@!
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    Re: buzz?

    Mine don't buzz at all, but that's because I like my action on the high side- not to prevent buzzing, but to make string bending easier. If my strings are low enough to buzz, I usually slip when bending.
    I've set up other people's guitars with low action and slight acoustic buzzing that wasn't heard through the amp and didn't affect sustain.
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    Re: buzz?

    Most of the ones I have owned had the Buzz unpluged. Except my arch tops I have played they didnt but that coud be they use heavey'r strings.

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