after deciding I didn't break anything in my cellar stairs incident, I went out last night to get something to eat and to go to GC. I decided that I'd rather not be fondling music gear with burger grease on my fingers so I went to GC first.

Tried out a Rumble 100. Extremely surprised at how light it was. I know memory is a fallible thing but I swear it was lighter than my old SWR Workingman 10. The street price on that is 299 and I've decided that I'm using that as my price point. I played it with a Jazz bass and I don't know how long I was playing but at one point I looked down at the bass and saw that it had a monster chip, with what looked to be actual missing wood definitely missing finish, on the top edge of the lower bout. I mean it was actually a divot a good 2-2.5 inches long that was hanging on by fibers. It must have fallen off the wall at some point, this wasn't a "oops, knocked those guitars together trying to get one down" thunk. Too bad because it was a nice sounding and playing bass.

I like the amp, the features are interesting and actually make a difference when you engage them, the tone controls have a center detent and I believe are active not just passive attenuators. Would it be loud enough for gigging, eh, maybe? They had Rumble 200 and 500 next to it, I don't recall their prices.

After i decided that I was being annoying for long enough, I put away the bass. As I was waiting to hand back the cable at the desk, I spied a Gibson SG secial faded on the wall so I decided to try that. Darn, they ddn't have a Twin Reverb on the floor so I used a Deluxe Custom reverb. I was enjoying that guitar a little more than I expected. As I hung it back up, I spied a Tele not sure what model but I tried that too.

Then I got the "Do you have any questions?" line and found it was 5 minutes to closing time, and I still hadn't eaten yet. Late supper last night