My mother died a month ago today. I miss her terribly. She was a real presence in my life, not just a discarded old lady. As sad as I am, I’m getting through this by remembering how great she was: strong, intelligent, sweet, and witty, full of love for all of us. She always indulged my record buying and guitar and bass playing. I’m also grateful for my brother and sister, each of who told me that I had a bed at their homes for a visit anytime. We saw Mom through to the end, and it’s made us closer.

On a lighter note, I’ve been recovering from the trip I made to California to stay with my son in Santa Monica. We had a blast. The guitar center in LA is phenomenal. But I spent my money at Amoeba Records and The Last Book Shop. Best of all was just being with my son. We spent a lot of time at the beach, especially for sunrises and sunsets. Ate too well.