I'm up early today only slightly unintentional. I've been trying to revamp my sleeping habits they were getting too random and haphazard. More than likely sometime in the next 12 months or so I am going to have to start trying to work again, doing what I have no idea. Had a chuckle last week when I got a recruiting email from a placement firm I haven't talked to in a good dozen years, for an accounting position like the one I last had when I had a 'real' job, one that I did not exactly love.

Among the things I'm trying to do to enhance the resetting of my circadian rhythm is lessening the amount of television and computer time in the hour or two before retiring. The last couple of nights I've been sitting with music books and guitar and really getting into reading. I've had a few 'ah-hah' moments and getting fingerboard time in. When my focus starts to drift and I'm actually feeling tired that's when I know it's time to quit.

I also finally put a roller shade in the north window by my bedroom desk. For nearly 30 years that window hasn't had a shade since the replacement windows went in. I've tolerated the light bleeding through the curtains but it has been throwing off my sleep with the early sunrise of the oncoming summer season.

It's not raining on a Sunday morning for a change or cold and raw. I might go to the flea market.