2008 Gibson ES-137
This Gibson ES137 is in superb shape and almost new with COA & Custom Shop case! The Gibson ES-137 is a semi-hollow-body guitar which is manufactured in Gibson's Memphis factory. It is a relatively new design in Gibson's ES line which is not based on a vintage instrument, as many of Gibson's instruments are but takes the famous ES-135 to the next level. When Gibson's carved-top guitar luthiers in Memphis began building the magnificent ES-137 Classic in 2002, it was an instant success that lived up to its name. The ES-137 is an instant “Classic” because it combines the glories of two classic styles of Gibson cornerstone instruments. The Gibson ES-137 Classic Electric Guitar is the first Gibson archtop to employ a mahogany center block for reduced feedback and greater sustain. Other features are all Gibson deluxe: laminated curly maple body, binding on top and bottom, bound fingerboard, rosewood and great playability & sound!! Just look at the polished shine...the guitar has no scratches or dings that I can find and is in near mint condition.