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The last time I was here (in downtown Toronto - I've been to other locales) it was a bit warmer. I just got through walking around the neighborhood; the Old City Hall, the new City Hall, and the environs. Today was "Khalsa Day," and so many of the streets were closed for the parade and onlookers. There was a sea of saffron-colored turbans and headgear, and the women wore traditional Indian (?) garb. Lots of vehicular traffic snarls and lots of pedestrian traffic.

Toronto is a vibrant city, and I understand it's the most ethnically diverse. It seems no matter where you go, there's music and entertainment. And today is Sunday! :)
Did you hear about the kaffuffle with the soldiers of Sikh origin marching in the Toronto parade in full fighting order? Apparently a cock-up at the brigade command level. Rarely ever see troops (Sikh or otherwise) marching in full fighting order in public/ceremonial. Some colonel is going to eat that order! Our minster of defence, a Sikh and a former solider himself, called it inappropriate.