Hi, I am new to this forum and I’m hoping that someone out there can help me out. A friend of mine, who is a bit of a technophobe, asked me if I could sell his amplifier for him. Some years ago he asked his guitar teacher for some advice about amplifiers and he told him about someone called John Morrell, here in the UK, in the Sheffield area to be more precise. The amp that he bought from him was in a Tweed case with a single 12” speaker and just had a label on the front top edge saying “MORRELL”.
I wanted a little more information before I tried to sell it, and my friends knowledge was limited to the fact that it was too loud for the house, and neighbours. So I took the back off to see if I could find anything that might give me any more clue as to what it was. It was clear immediately that it was a Fender circuit board and eventually I found a label saying “HR DLX 230V UK”. I Googled Hot Rod Deluxe and managed to find a photo of a circuit board. I compared the photo with the board in the amp and couldn’t see anything obviously different.
So does anyone know anything about John Morrell and if so, what would he have done to the original amp to warrant changing all the labels? I did check the valves and they are all what you would normally expect to find in there.
Any advice would be gratefully accepted!