Curious as to which design are you referring to? Squier, depending on the factory they are sourced from, utilizes about four different style tuners. Some enclosed and some with simple stamped sheetmetal crimped on covers.

And I agree wholeheartedly about your views on the "need to buy new tuners". Tuners either work, or they don't. Usually the "replacement" is twofold. 1. Ego. The cheap style tuners "need to be upgraded" not because of function, but the owner is trying to make his affordable instrument appear more high grade.
2. Rumors. The common saying about low cost tuners are that all are defective. Hardly true, as today's production the mass produced tuners are quite functional. Only the far extreme über cheapo units ever fail. But that rumor has been with us for decades.

Sorry, didn't intend to hijack this thread.