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Played in a church band where a really big fellow played a mandolin. He looked a bit odd with that little instrument. I'm 6ft and 190 and he was half a head taller and had 50 pounds on me. Looked funny to some, me with a Strat or a Lee Paul next to what appeared a trained bear with a little guitar! But he had that tremolo picking down pat, and played well. I'm going to get a concert ukulele in a bit. To think all these years I've overlooked em. Took a talented team from my brother's country to open up my eyes [ and ears!] Cool stuff!
Being tuned differently from a Spanish guitar, I found other instruments like the Mandolin a bit difficult to figure out at first. I guess the Ukulele will feel the same. But it's just a matter of getting used to it.

I started by learning a song by watching a video lesson, which I try not to do with the guitar. Just the good old "monkey see, monkey do" method. After a while, I began to research about the tuning and technique, the chords began to make sense, then it all got easier.

I am no mandolin player, but it's fun to use.