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Absolutely love my Squier Bullet Tele. But the bridge pickup is pure icepicks!

So yesterday I ordered a new one said to be a copy [maybe] of a 50's Broadcaster with level poles of ALNICO 5 magnets. Price was right, and now I wait. 5's may still be a bit bright. They even had some with 1,2, & 3 in ALNICO 3, and poles 4,5, & 6 in ALNICO 5. Idea for dulling the unwound and brightening the wound. Novel concept.

Oh well, we'll see how it does with this pickup I ordered. 5's could be too much. Shoot, I'm not going to get my undies in a bunch worrying about it. I'm goin shootin. Its now 53 and sunny. I hear "Terminator" calling to me.
I know this post is old... thought I'd something.

Some epoxy glue and some pennies attached to the bottom would have smoothed that pup out. (and saved you some $$$)

The thickness and the type of material of the plate on the bottom of a tele bridge AND.... the amount of time the pup was potted (dipped in hot wax to prevent feedback) are huge factors on how bright a tele pup is. A lot of boutique winders IMO over pot and the result is a muted pup that doesn't have openness. IMO still ..... even with all the boutique winders Fender (with 70+yrs winding Tele pups) still makes some of the best Telecaster pups. I modded a MIM Tex Mex tele pup with some pennies and its one heck of a great bridge pup. Potted correctly after adding the pennies, I can't tell the difference with it and some of the Custom shop pups I have in other Teles.