About two weeks ago, I had my Epi 339 out and wailing, and I noticed that when I would lift on the pull pots, they did not really want to work. Now this instrument was still pretty new when I got it and I really didn't wear it out. But Electro mechanical objects sometimes have a habit of getting dirty, dry, or just downright obstinate. So looking through the F hole, I spotted "the slots" on the side of the switching area of the pull pots. Taking my extended Oiler that is filled with ballistol, I placed a drop into each slot. Worked this switch back and forth about 10 times and the crackling, the inability to remain open or closed, and the issue of trying to keep one or the other functioning correctly vanished. Ballistol is also a spectacular string cleaner and fretboard oil. 100% natural with no carcinogens and Zero bad Effect upon electronic parts. And to think it was developed in 1904 for the German Imperial Army to clean guns, boots, rifle slings, and treat the wooden stocks of their weapons. And even the German medical Corps used ballistol to treat minor cuts and abrasions with great success and rapid recovery from the injuries.

I keep a small bottle in my medical kit. A small bottle in my gun cleaning kit. And a small bottle in my guitar gear bag. A very light application across your strings pressing down fully to where the oil reaches the fretboard, you have successfully cleaned your strings and lightly oil your fretboard at the same time. Talk about your two for one ha! So there you have it, my use of ballistol with guitars. Great for those crackling pots.
You may now return your stewardess to the upright position and enjoy the rest of the flight.