Maybe someone has a good idea on this one.

As most of you probably know, I own a 1994 Fender strat, one of a short run of guitars made under license in Brazil in the early 90s, a sort of "twin" series to the early Squier series Fender strats made in Mexico with Korean (Cortek) pickguards and electronics that were made back then.

Well, I will load it with an Emerson Custom prewired kit of pots and caps (the ones it has on are shabby Korean ones and I don't like how they sound compared to my US Strat).

Problem is: Its knobs don't fit the standard pot poles, they're loose (they are made for 90s Asian pots). I do have a set of fresh Fender original American-sized Knobs, but the guitar is almost entirely original, except the pickups (it now has Fender USA pups), and I love how it has aged through these 25 years. It's a scarred road worn strat and I like it that way. The knobs are beautifully aged and grubby.

Is there a way I could try to fix them, like some silicone stuff or something like that?