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Thread: reverse headstock and string trees

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    reverse headstock and string trees

    on a reverse headstock fender style, do the E and A strings still use the string trees? Was it the length of the E and B strings that originally made Leo put string trees? The gauge?

    If I flip my CV50 tele and cut a new nut, I'll string it with EB greens. String trees on the E and A?

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    Re: reverse headstock and string trees

    I think you'll need a string tree for the low E and A. If there's already one there try it with and without.

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    Re: reverse headstock and string trees

    Right - it was the length of the string from nut to tuning post that needed the string tree. Or more precisely, the angle of the string. Going all the way didn't give enough downward force on the nut to let the string ring true - it would jump around in the slot. Arguably, even the staggered tuners of today may not give enough force.
    So with a reverse headstock, you'll want the tree on the E and A string, potentially one on the D and G also, depending on the guitar.
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