Yeah! The thing has two fantastic Epi humbucker in it too! Talk about depth, yeah, got bottom deluxe!

The 'ole boy's got a near full woodshop and he made the neck kerf cut with a table saw! But its scratch built all the way. The fretboard is from 1/4" Norwegian pine from a crate made for shipping electronics. Just a bunch of scrap. I only stepped in to assist in fret measurements and cutting and finishing the nut. The rest he did himself. Like I said, if I had gotten hold of this guy 20 years ago.... But he just decided to do guitar work last year. Mostly parts and modification on guitars... But he's got potential if he quits watching the idiots on YouTube and their hacksaw half-ass so called luthier work! Those boys that I've seen are goofs!

How bout that old wool felt bluesman hat? Cool huh?