Basically, the single coils in this Jackson are copies of old Fender's with a plain ceramic bar magnet across the back. What kills me is the fact that just like the old Fender pickups, these have the # 1 E and B string pole pieces smushed down level or even below level of the pickup cover. When playing clean, it has almost NO Amplified sound whatsoever! And of course, the G string pole piece is sticking way up there, making it drown out the E and B! I'm going to attempt to remove the covers and raise the pole pieces up. If that fails, I'll just have to replace them.
Always loved Lace Sensors, and will save up if needed for two @ $70 a piece. Thinking Red in the neck and Purple in the middle. And if I'm feeling froggy, a Silver/Emerald Duelly in the bridge! But that's a lot of cash to dump in this instrument. I'll try the pole raising fix first if my hands cooperate with me... I have always hated those squashed E & B poles!