Two clerks were having a slow day at the guitar emporium, when in walked a young teenager, his wallet in his hand. The younger clerk was a guitar snob who often got angry with customers who sat down and played the opening of Sweet Child o Mine. The teen approached him and said that he wanted to try out some lead guitars, "not rhythm, but lead." The young clerk was mortally offended. The older clerk picked up on the situation, took the kid back to the Fenders. He pointed to a Squire Strat and said, "That's a rhythm guitar." Pointed to an American Tele and said, "That's a lead guitar." The kid played a few power chords. No further check. He had no questiaons, but the older clerk piled him on with an amp, a couple of cables, and an assortment of picks. The teen payed his last penny and left happy with his "lead" guitar. Which clerk was most detestable, or do you think their behavior justified? The clerks above dpn't represent most clerks, but I've met clerks like the ones in the story.