Yeah, I can't do the shred thing but I love the 100% dead on return to exact perfect pitch of a Floyd Rose. The Dinky body is just plain comfortable too. I can set up a Strat's trem to where it's just about perfect, but get active doing some serious divebombs and it'll be off some.
Funny, my bud said the Jackson had a bad headstock and the Rose sucks because it moves when he plays and it robs all the tone from the instrument. Thing is that his playing style is much akin to a big silverback gorilla! Plays with a 4mm plank... Um, pick, and will beat his guitars all out of tune in under 10 min. VERY aggressive and wiggled around too. Let him play a new Tele I had a few years ago in black. After he mauled it with his "style" the back was covered with hundreds of twisting long indented lines from his shirt buttons. I don't allow him to play my instruments any longer.