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    Re: NGD.. Jackson JS34Q

    Ok. Honeymoon is over... Here's the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly......

    Good: Beautiful finish & color. Floyd Rose is 100% dead perfect! Neck is fast as Bill Elliott at Talladega. And I can get the exact tones of my amigo, Ted Nugent, cop the tones of Jimmy Page in his early years. And get some sweet singing OD tones that rival a violin.

    Bad: the two single coils have that God awful squashed B string magnetic post. You know the ones where some guy said it needs to be sunken! I want to find that guy and kick him in the boys!

    Ugly: See the above Bad!

    Other than the bad / ugly, I got no complaints. I'm wailing on it daily. Having a great time. And realized that when I sold my other Dinky a long time ago it was a stupid move! Glad I got another one. Plays so easy its stupid! Ha!

    Sérgio, buy one. You'll love it!
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