Couple months ago my neighbor invited me over to abuse his family and friends with sonic bombast. I arrived with the 339 in a bag and he had his 30w Marshall out for me. After a few hours of rattling the rafters I hadda head home and feed my dog and me. As I was headed for the door he hands me the amp and says take it home for a bit and let the Acoustic amp take a rest. Well you know me... A single 10", 30w~35w solid state, done. Then the Orange Crush 35RT comes home. I'm in solid state single 10" British amp bliss!

Today, sitting on his front porch, I delivered two sets of Dean Markley 10~46 Round Core strings. Yes, the old #1973 bad boys that's been out of print for a few years. His Strat [formerly mine] deserves good stuff. We came to the subject of a mandolin and how he wanted one. I said I have one that's been sitting up a few years. He blurted out he'd trade the Marshall for it. I pondered this for a nanosecond. Done! I've had it for over 30 years as part of a trade if I recall. Thus I got the Marshall for zip! Ha!

Is a discontinued model but I don't care. Has lots of bottom. Good Marshall overdrive. Two channels. Great digital reverb. The other onboard effects I'll never use. As soon as I get a day when I'm feeling froggy I'll build in an effects loop. I'm good with the trade.
Not bad for a free amp! Ok. Pardon me as I bust out in my happy dance for a moment.

Ok. I'm calm now. :)