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Very good Old Strummer! I'm basically trying to get moving in this stuff myself. I can do the scales but can't figure out how to use them. Which one? When? Why? What will work? Keep it going!
Many people have struggled with this, including myself. I think this is because we learn a bunch of things, in a structured order, such as; the major scale, pentatonic scale, diatonic chord sequence, scale modes, arpeggios, etc... This is all great stuff... And absolutely needs to be learned separately, (meaning; You cannot understand a diatonic chord sequence, without learning the major scale. Nor do you have any hope of understanding scale modes, without knowing, and being able to confidently play the major scale across the entire fret-board). But! Then the inevitable question arises, which is; "Okay fine, but what do I do with all this crap"??? And it's not until you finally look at all of these things, stacked on top of each other, as ONE thing... Which IS, a tonal pallet of notes that make up a key signature, containing everything you need to create chord progressions and melodies... The very moment that you get THAT hardwired into your head and hands, DON'T ever play a scale in a linear order ever again... Instead, head over to YouTube, pick a backing track in a given key, and play melodies over the chord changes, using the scale mode, from the key, for each chord in the progression... You HAVE TO GET THE SOUND OF THE CHORD/SCALE HARMONY into your ears!!!

I know this is a very simplified explanation, but I didn't want to get long winded about it...