Iím glad youíre moving forward with this. I would highly suggest you buy the Dan Erlewine book from StewMac about working on guitars. Thereís probably more information than you currently need, but itís very thorough and well written. It teaches you the basics of working on guitars. I truly believe that not everyone needs to be a luthier. But it is important to know how to fix and maintain your guitar. For nothing else, itíll save you from having to run to the shop whenever a little problem arises.

Maybe you can ask the Tech to sit in while heís working on your guitar? Most decent Techs arenít worried about you ďstealingĒ their knowledge. If you do get to, just be a fly on the wall. Most guys, including me, are more than happy to show people the basics. Iím not saying Iím a luthier or a great Tech, but I know things about stuff. Iíve always enjoyed fixing or building things, using tools, that sorta thing. Working on my guitars was a natural progression for me.

Best of luck to you buddy and take care