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I'm way ahead of you, @Five Aces! As you can tell by my post here, I went and bought the Olympic White XII. I bargained the price down a bit and got free shipping, so I'm happy with the deal. Like you, I believe "Fender Special Run" (FSR) is the equivalent of "limited edition." My local guitar shop said they only made 300 of each color, and he had only one of each. The OW was already sold...
Hey OldStrummer! I never looked at the date when you originally posted....silly me. It just happened I was so into looking at my google search results that when several Stratocaster XII "news releases" kept popping up, I was caught in the moments. My first reaction when I saw your inquire on the forum was "I hope he gets this info before he gets caught in one of those high eBay purchases!!! ". I'm glad to hear you were already ahead of the game!

I was so happy with my Stratocaster XII purchase back in '05 because I sooooo wanted it in Lake Placid Blue! I'll admit, I would had preferred it with a natural headstock instead of the matching painted headstock, but hardly a deal breaker..

To date, it has performed flawless over all these years. The quality and workmanship of these MIJ guitars are as close to perfection as you could desire. I've hardly had a string break prematurely, and hardly ever have it go out of tune.... it is stable!

My only recent venture has been looking into adding a blender circuit to it... that's what started this whole thing! I feel that the controls, as is, leave the bridge pickup too bright at times. Yes, I can tone it down via the amp controls. But I've tried some regular stratocasters with a blender circuit and it not only allows that "missing" connection of bridge & Neck pickups, but allows everything in between!

I'd like to hear comments from other Stratocaster XII owners (old or new) and what they like/dislike about the XII. You just don't hear much about them like you hear about other Strats.

Play on!