just bought my first fender strat over the net. Ive owned a strat before, but it wasn't fender. Finally bought the real thing and well, its the real thing. Incomparable to other strats.
Its a 2015 fender american standard stratocaster.
Anyways, there is something that appears strange to me.
my fram of reference was the other strat I had, so I will be talking about it.
On my other strat, it had a wilkinson trem. When the bridge was tight to the body (and not floating slightly up), the trem arm was at a 90 degree angle to the body and it was possible to swing the trem arm in a 360 degree trajectory.

However, on the new fender strat, when the bridge is tight to the body, the arm is at an angle of around 75 degrees, which means I cannot swing it round 360 as its trajectory takes it into the jack cable. It screws in at an angle. It is quite annoying...
Is this normal for fender? It seems like a strange design flaw...
Or maybe the guy sold me a flawed one?

Thanks very much for your help!

I will include some pics: