I have several acoustic guitars (all Fender) but this is the one I play the most, my Fender (beginner's model) DG-7. It doesn't go in a case and has stayed at my side on a stand for the last 20 plus years of playing and writing. During that time the most I've done on it (in addition to play it) is change strings and clean it. You can see the scars from being played and having pets and children knock it over from time to time. This May I put on a set of $6 Strap Lock buttons and added a Tusq nut and saddle. I have another guitar with a simulated bone nut and saddle I love the sound of but I have to say that going from stock plastic to Tusq is really an eye opener. A week ago I played one of the New low end Taylor acoustic guitars at Guitar Center and the Tusq parts let this guitar project a very similar sound in volume, sustain, and just being pleasant to the ears.