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Y'know, I have a number of guitars that sound great when I pick them up. "Shimmer," my CS Robin Trower Artisan is an example. But this ES-335 (as yet unnamed) just does something to me. I played it last night -- unplugged -- for an extended period of time (I lost track, which is another sign that I'm captivated) and everything just "fit." The feeling of the neck to me is flawless. It feels so similar to my ES-225, which I played for years and years. I played sitting down, which is how I play the ES-225, and it even feels the same. The sense is kind of "new is old again." My fingers just seem to know where to go on the fretboard.

This is a special guitar. To me.

It's a wonderful feeling when you know a guitar in a spiritual way! That connection is a high for me that no drug can compare to... I have a few I feel that way about still searching for the others but that's half the fun...