I got told of a site that had some guidelines for dialing in the lace sensors, and what a major difference it made. I also found a gain setting in a sound preference panel on my mac that totally changed the recording levels in GarageBand. I have big fat waveforms and headroom to spare, the range on the gain controls is much broader and is no longer either/or. Plugged into the Princeton NR, they came to life and now sound great.

Last night my sister stayed with my mom while my brother took me out to see a band. When I got home, she told me that she couldn't believe how loud the pipes in the house's heating system were. I guess it wasn't my imagination that this place is exceptionally noisy. I have a test recording of a ribbon mic via an active Cloudlifter and I was hearing pings from downstairs along with the Big Ben-ian clangs of the upstairs pipes.