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So Dan -
I have to ask - and this is just me - so please forgive me for where I am coming from......

what is YOUR favorite part of this? The feel of the neck, the sound of the instrument unplugged, the tone plugged in with those pickups, the fact that you put it together, and now the dance of finessing the fit and setup to you, or the fun of the hunt, and assembly?

I did one of these (a build from 0% on hand to complete) as a bass....... and LOVE IT!
My personal answer was ......... E - All of the Above
I was going to go with E -all of the above, although I'm wondering about the pickups. I had them years ago in a Strat Plus and maybe it was rose colored glasses looking back. it isn't that they sound bad, they don't. They may be too 'polite' for my tastes. Which is kind of funny because I tend to play clean with lots of fingerpicking. But I also like using the volume control now, something I didn't do back in the days when I first had these. And they don't seem to change except get softer or louder, and that isn't what I'm looking for when I do volume swells. I mean, yes, obviously I expect it to get louder and softer but I also expect it to get a little richer, more complex as the volume increases and I'm not feeling that with these lace sensors. Now if I were recording jingles in a studio and wanted a steady dependable 'nice' sound, they'd be damn hard to beat. I'm thinking of getting another pickguard set up but now the hunt begins anew as to what pickups to go for.