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Cool stuff Willie. Just a suggestion, you might want to play with the dynamics a little. I got the feeling the song came out of the gate at a certain level and then just stayed there for the whole duration. When the chorus comes in the voices are just an add to the mix. If you start off with more space and a little less throttle in the beginning and then build it up it might work better, then break it down at the end so the song has a distinct beginning, middle and ending. I think doing so you may find it easier to place the bass in the mix too. YMMV, but I always work under the assumption that listeners like to feel like they know where they are in the song as they listen to it. It adds a sameness and comfort they're used to. You do R&R songs, ballads, etc. to different structures.

Listen to a few 80's metal ballads, they were actually quite good at this. It was part of the commercial formula but it was solid songwriting for a ballad.

Thanks, Chuck. I agree with you. Part of the problem is working with prerecorded drums. It doesn't allow me the kind of dynamics I'd like. But I know you're right, and there are ways to get around this. I've actually just sent a copy without the drum track to a great drummer that I worked with in the mid-90s. Maybe he can help it out a bit. But I will think about what you've said for the next one I do. Thanks for listening and offering suggestions.