Well, as most of you have heard me whine, you know I was going through a rough patch with depression last year and a failed marriage. And if you'll recall, I said I was writing a bunch of songs that deal with the depression.

I've written 8 of 10 projected songs for the album, which will be called My Year Outside. Not all of the songs are dirges like this one. It's a long song and will be the last song on the album, so please forgive it's length--when it fits in with the whole "album," it should be okay.

There are a few songs for the album that are upbeat and a bit pop-y. This one was written while I was still quite sick. It has taken me months to get my recording gear to operate properly, and then I had to get over the anxiety about it but finally sat my ass down this weekend and said f*** the anxiety.

Thank you for listening.

rhythm--Tele; lead guitar--Strat; keyboard-Korg Kross; bass--Jazz Bass; vocals--my throat and diaphragm...