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How would you rate it against the AXEFX? After the Anglers kudos I am feeling the need to pick one up in the next few whatevers. I have been simulating speakers for some time and been impressed, I guess I should not short this side if it is so great.
I'm using the POD HD PRO X rackmount with a FB3 controller. It has more processor than the stompbox version but with the controller it costs about twice as much.

Maybe the Fractal has slightly better amp modeling, but the Line 6 has better effects (?).

I like the HD PRO X for the following reasons:

Sound is probably as good for live. At some point you reach a situation where both are so good there's no clear winner and I guess we're there.
The software interface is OUTSTANDING and easy to use.
I like the FB3 better than any other controller I've used.
More options for sounds.
Love the stereo, it's sooo lush.
FEELS like a "real" amp.

I've been playing it live regularly now and I'm totally happy with it. Between the two there's no question which is the better value. I only have about $1200 into my HD PRO X rack compared to about 6 or 7 times that for the high bucks rack. For the price of a single amp I have all the bases covered I would ever need and in most live situations it sounds better than the "real" amp because I'm direct in and not subject to the foibles of mic'ing the amp.

What's really fun with it is I can move to the mains and coax feedback where appropriate.

Best part is like a couple Friday's ago. We have a regular fan who's a guitar aficionado/wannabe player who came up and asked me why guitar sounded so good that night. He was EXTREMELY disappointed to see me not playing through tubes or a mega-bucks rack. At most shows there's always a few middle-aged guys who come up to the stage to check out gear and I love to see the looks on there faces when they realize my sound is from a rack.