Very cool experiment! My only niggle (and this is just IMHO and not a dig at you) is that running guitar in true stereo is a waste of time. Only reason I say that is that I never mix a live show in stereo, and most of my friends who are professional sound guys never hard pan. Iím all for layering amps and tones, but I donít pan things out. Heck, I usually just mix in mono.

With that said, Iíll be the first to admit that the new modeling technology is freaking awesome! Itís come a long way from the first PODís and AmpFarm!!! Iíve been having a really fun time plugging my guitar into my iPhone and using AmpliTube and some other apps. Heck, I donít even use my amps at home to record. I go straight in DI and use the modeling in Logic