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Thanks for that. I didn't understand. But I still can't get to the Mississippi portion of the lesson, much less the meedely meedeley part. I just feel like my wrist won't do it physically. I guess I need to reevaluate maybe how I'm holding the thang. Getting pretty discouraged. Played for years, always feel worthless when I get to that. But I can wiggle it like a violin which has taken it's place in my playing...
Don't bend your wrist, you twist it. Watch videos of B. B. King. he was the master. Vibrato is easy if your technique is correct. If it's wrong, you'll struggle.

You're not bending the string, you're just massaging it on the fret. If you can discern a pitch change of more than a few cents you've gone way to far. Vibrato's subtle. It's really as much about adding sustain as anything else.