Just read this over at the Fender "official" Forum.

You don't need drugs to play.

I haven't ever smoked a cigarette, much less a joint. I used to drink, but I gave that up, too. My playing and songwriting improved greatly.

If you want/need to "open your mind", go out in the country and watch the sun rise. Stay there all day and watch the sunset. Look at the stars that night. If you live in the city you forget about how beautiful the night sky can be. It's a great high, legal and no hangover.

Go volunteer to help an elderly person with household tasks--and sit and listen to them talk about their experiences. That will open your mind to times and places that you'll never be able to see. Then listen to a child talk about their dreams and hopes. That will take you to new places you haven't seen before, either.

Take the person(s) you love to a park, sit under a tree and just breathe. Count how many different types of flowers are there. Feed the squirrels. Watch the ants. You'll realize God gave this stuff to us for our enjoyment...and you'll feel as small as "Alice" ever was.

If you need to take your music to a dark place, that's fine. Concentrate on the injustices of the world, the pain and suffering all around you and then let the feelings flow into your music. Cry if you have to. Scientists have analyzed tears of sorrow and tears of happiness. Sad tears clear bad chemicals from the human body. Tears of happiness come from the release of good endorphines, and are akin to a good, relaxing high. Either way, you'll feel "clearer" than any pill, leaf or liquid can make you.

Grab your guitar and go crazy. Moan, scream, holler and yell--you'll get a release like you'll never feel from drug or drink. Let the wah pedal cry for you, let the distortion grind your bad feelings down and let the fuzz warm you. Turn on the rotary, close your eyes and let it spin you around like a whirling dervish. Get lost in the reverb. Set the tremolo on your amp to the rate of your heartbeat and pulse your way through to a higher plane.

But you don't need drugs to play music, and anyone who does is lacking in spirit."

Actually it was a thread about psychodelic music, not exactly drug use or anything, but this user just nailed it...

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