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Thread: 1964 Fender Pro amp - 40 watts, 1-15"

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    1964 Fender Pro amp $1299

    $1299 -A reasonable offer may be considered

    -This amp sounds amazing. 40 watts, 6L6 power tubes, 15" Eminence Legend, great vibrato and a ton of headroom.
    About 4 months ago I had Casey Gooby (one of Minneapolis's top amp techs) check it out and make sure it's fine, and replace anything necessary, and he gave it a great bill of health.

    It's mostly original - the power cord has been replaced with a grounded one, the power transformer changed to a larger Mercury-Magnetics, the output transformer appears to be the original, it has new filter caps of course, the speaker had to be replaced and I did it with an Eminence Legend 15", (the picture shows a Celestion, which is coming out), the original grill cloth was replaced, some other minor parts (a resistor or two e.g.) have been changed if Casey thought they needed it because of wear. He also made sure all solder joints were good and everything clean.

    For a 50+ year-old amp, it is in decent shape, having a few cigarette burns on the top, a bit of rust on the handle and on the mounting brackets.There are worn off spots 3/4" and smaller in the Tolex around some edges.

    It sounded a couple weeks ago like the power tubes may need replacing within the next few months. But everything's been fine since, so maybe they have another year on them. I don't want to change tubes (I don't know how to bias), though I do have a couple new JJ 6L6's and if you want them in there, I'll include them.

    I can have UPS box this up well and ship it to you if necessary, but if you'd pick it up, I'd take $50 off. I could meet you anywhere within 150 miles of Eau Claire, Wisconsin (which is 90 miles east of Minneapolis).

    Brian- call me, it's quicker. :) 715-514-4417

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