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I don't recognize your guitar. Interesting with the metal rear apron, did you move one of the knees? Is the front apron also metal?
I have a Bud, and an old Fender, like them both!
That's an '80s BMI. But a BMI that was assembled and sold by a shop in Wisconsin or Minnesota (can't recall what Dan from BMI said). Dead giveaway was the lack of serial number stamped on frame. I never did figure out what that milled aluminum block up front was for. Front apron is a plastic plate over the aluminum frame. Came to me like that.

I took that picture when I didn't have the proper steel pedals and amp. Now have a nice Hilton volume pedal and a Peavey Nashville 112 amp!

I've got an S-8 Guyatone as well - Japanese knock off of the Fender Deluxe. That's a pretty cool guitar too! The old buds and fenders are pretty danged cool...