Oops, I started a thread a couple hours ago but closed my browser before I posted it

Beauty of a day here, sunny, few clouds. Neighbor across the street is moving and having a yard sale. Hopefully somebody will buy their damn basketball pole. Can't believe they haven't gotten rid of it yet no kids there to play with it and curb appeal 101 always says get rid of the toys in the yard/street.

my garage project is done with phase one clearing out the junk. Now phase two is measuring and figuring what to do. I had thought of using an existing set of shelving units as a base for my workbench but after taking them down and attempting to reassemble them that plan is now out. I'm looking at either building a bench from scratch or buying kit/prebuilt. Advantages to both but building from scratch would mean I'd end up with a miter saw which I kind of want anyway. Looks like that will delay the building of the bench by possibly 2 months though to prevent cash depletion. My skill saw has a panel blade in it already so I am stoked.

i kind of had a GAS attack last night and bought a ribbon mic because it was on sale. Yeah, not the most rational creature, mea culpa.